AIA WUDY – the food industry, market leader in Frankfurters – is the ideal choice for a quick and versatile sausage snack, in a bun or alone, with a touch of mustard, ketchup, mayo or cheese. Available in a variety of sizes and specialities, for every occasion… movie nights, barbecues with friends or a spontaneous, quick meal for a family get-together.
Wudy sausages are the perfect party food for both kids and adults. The most delicate Frankfurter out there tastes great – made from chicken and turkey or pork, boil it in water or cook it on the grill or the frying pan.

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Serving Suggestions

Enjoy Wudy sausages in a variety of ways… here are some ideas…

Wudy sausage rolls – wrap the sausages in your fluffiest pastry, place in the oven, and voila… Your party fun has just begun.
Wudy sausages in a hot dog bun accompanies by lettuce leave and a touch of your favourite sauce.
Wudy sausages and potatoes for a hearty meal after a long day out at work or college. Eat in front of the telly with your favourite series on.
Wudy sausage on pizza – who doesn’t love a sausage pizza? – layer your pizza base with mozzarella and use Wudy’s delicious sausages as the crowning pizza topping.
Wudy sausages and potato chips – the perfect, early evening family meal – use sweet potato for extra flavour.
Wudy sausages with sunny-side up fried eggs – did someone say ‘breakfast is ready?’

Other Serving Suggestions

Let’s Have Some Fun

Gather your friends, throw some Wudy sausages into the pan or onto the grill and let’s see who can pronounce SAUSAGES the best with these tips …
01. Break ‘sausages’ down into sounds: [SOS] + [IJ] + [IZ] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. Laugh till you drop.
02. See how many times you can say ‘sausages’ in 30 seconds – the winner gets an extra hot dog.
03. Record yourself saying ‘sausages’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen. Upload to YouTube at your own risk.
04. Look up tutorials on YouTube on how to pronounce ‘sausages’.
05. In how many accents can you say ‘Sausage’? French, German, Italian…. More??

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