The most crispy and delicious crackers are here!
The world-renowned Ritz crackers are here! Rich, buttery, crispy and made with honest ingredients. The new savoury Ritz crackers are oven-baked and have a unique flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture.
They can be enjoyed with your favourite spread, dipped, on cheese platters or even straight from the bag! The best way to bring richness to any social gathering with friends and family!

Our Mission

Add a little richness to the lives of people and their families!

Our Range

Ritz Original 200g
Buttery rich taste crackers in convenient 200g pack.
Ideal for sharing with friends and family!
Ritz Breaks 190g
Buttery rich taste crackers in 6 individual portion packs.
Ideal for a snack on the go!

What sets Ritz crackers apart?

  • Buttery, rich taste
  • Melt-in-the-mouth texture
  • Oven Baked to perfection
  • Made with honest ingredients
  • Perfect for every snacking occasion

9+1 ways to enjoy them!

1. Use them as a base to spread anything you like!

2. Top them and serve them as an appetizer.

3. Dip them!

4. Snack while having a drink. 

5. Serve them on cheese platters. 

6. Snack between your meals.

7. Dip them into chocolate and eat them as a dessert!

8. Create a mini sandwich.

9. Snack for the kids. 

10. Straight from the bag!! They are delicious!

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