Improves stamina

Restores lost energy

Provides relief from fatigue and exhaustion


Source of natural caffeine

Useful tonic in cases of physical and mental fatigue

Increases the resistance to fatigue, increasing heart and muscle tone


Shields the body

Strengthens the immune system during and after intense physical activity

Reduces the feeling of fatigue and tiredness

Improves mood and mental health in general


Enhances physical and mental performance

Improves mood

Stimulates the immune system


Source of natural caffeine

Has relaxing and soothing effects

Maintains energy stable

A rich source of antioxidants


Favours the normal functioning of the nervous system

Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue


Contributes to the proper functioning of the metabolism

Promotes normal mental performance


It is involved in energy, glucose and lipid metabolism

 Supports the immune system and normal function of red blood cells

Helps to fight physical and intellectual fatigue


Plays a major role in the functioning of the nervous system

Participates, together with folic acid, in the formation of red blood cells

Supports the function of the immune system

It is involved in energetic metabolism and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue


Source of natural caffeine

Stimulates the immune system

Increases burn rate of calories

 Improves physical and mental performance

Combats fatigue and reduces the feeling of tiredness

 Has high antioxidant properties
▫️ High caffeine content (32mg/100ml): not recommended for children, pregnant or breast-feeding women, or for those who are sensitive to caffeine.
GO&FUN was created by Erba Vita, a leading company established in 1982 found in San Marino, and is currently present in over 30 countries globally. Erba Vita wanted to create an alternative energy drink to the typical energy drinks, which is what makes GO&FUN so extraordinary and unique.
In 2015, the exclusive production license was acquired by S.Trek Logistics Ltd in Malta and a few years later in 2019, GO&FUN as the brand itself was bought by S.Trek Logistics’ Ltd, making GO&FUN an official Maltese Brand.
In 2020, Tryfon Tseriotis Ltd and GO&FUN established a business partnership for the exclusive import, marketing and distribution of GO&FUN in Cyprus.

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